Saturday, August 05, 2006

It's a crafting drought

Yeah. It's been um, ages, since I actually made any crafty stuff at all. This week we've all been feeling blah (sinus thing, heads on the verge of exploding etc etc). So I've been spending less time running around town doing Playcentre stuff, shopping, After School Arts, (luckily it's break week at the college where I work - good timing!) and more time moping around at home with grizzly children, wishing I felt like doing something crafty. Or, doing anything, really.

A while back I had a go at making some folded fabric flowers in the style of Japanese kanzashi. Really, like the most basic, un-authentic kanzashi ever. It's something that drives me crazy. I can make the petals just fine. I can usually get them all joined together and spaced out so they seem to sit right. The back looks tidy. Then I go and stuff the whole thing up while doing the hot-glue/button centre part. *So* frustrating! I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture of the hideous thing. So, I'm thinking maybe this afternoon would be a good time to try to get it right.

I have a bundle of fabric from the Arts Recycling Centre (only 20c, thanks!). Cotton this time, instead of the polyester chiffon I usually use for making fabric flowers.
If I get a result I'm happy with, I'll post some pics. Don't hold your breath ;-)

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