Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Button swap

I've just signed up for Shim + Sons 2nd vintage button swap. Yay!

I haven't managed to get any knitting done from the Lucinda Guy book yet because last week I had a nasty knife-meets-finger accident while removing the stone from an avocado. My left middle finger has been covered in a fairly serious bandage since then, and it just isn't flexible enough to work with sticks. The girls spent a while browsing through the pattern book, then sorting through the wool, playing with colour combinations. Now they're getting impatient for me to make them some little knitted mice. Me too!

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mariannealice said...

I once had a nasty accident involving a knife and an avocado seed...the knife blade skipped off the very hard slippery stone and found my hand instead...I still managed to use the avocado in my salad once I had returned from having it stitched and bandaged! I need to keep my strength up for the micro surgery I needed the next day to repair the nerve damage...not sure who came out on top there- the avo or me!