Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy mail, I've got that happy mail

Wow, Jo's parcel for the Vintage Button Swap arrived on Thursday. Don't believe a word she says, everything in it is fabulous!

I took pictures, but it was a grey day, and I realised today that the resolution on the camera was on it's lowest setting. So I apologise for the quality of these photos, but I'm sure you can appreciate the loveliness of the buttons + extras anyway!
First, cute packaging, I have ribbon now! yay!:

Fabric+button bracelets for two very lucky little girls:

Wee sewn things for me, a pouch and a new tissue holder which I just adore:

And of course, the buttons themselves:

What cracks me up is how the little red buttons are the exact same pattern as one of the white buttons I sent Jo. I love them all, thank you Jo!

I've been playing some more with buttons and wire, and have a couple of rings available in my Etsy store now. These things are so much fun to make. Next week the holidays are over and I'll have a few more hours without girls. One of the things I'm planning is a trip to the Hospice shop (they have the best selection) in search of some really special ring-making buttons. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous buttons and extras! jo's a good one, isn't she?
i can't wait to see your new rings- have fun op-shopping.

Jo said...

Glad you liked them all Miriam. And yes, I did notice the white button was the same as the red. Funny. Good luck with the ring making. You do them so well, so I know they will sell well! Thanks for a fun swap.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Jo's stuff lovely? We have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of one of her parcels...the girls just love their button bracelets!

Anonymous said...

those button bracelets are gorgeous! i might make one in the holidays.