Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am so, so lucky

Well, I can hardly begin to say how lucky I feel today. A parcel arrived from the US, from my "I ♥ Paisley" swap partner - thank you so very much Linda!
Inside were the most amazing things. A huge tote bag for me, made from bright, beautiful paisley fabric. It's so vibrant, you can't possibly feel anything but cheerful carrying it. Also in the parcel were two wee tote bags, one for each of my girls, with all sorts of other goodies tucked inside. And shrinky-dinks! which you can't get here! I feel really spoiled.

I'll try and post pictures of the beautiful things once the sun comes out again, which may not be for a few days. Ugh. Meanwhile, I'm posting a pic of my Paisley swap parcels, although not entirely everything was wrapped up, so it's a sneak peek at what I made.

So yesterday I posted that parcel off for the Paisley swap, and a postcard for the hand-made postcard swap went off to Portugal. Now I'm feeling "swap anxiety" about them. Nervously waiting for them to arrive ...

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