Thursday, September 21, 2006

Comfort crafting

The girls and I have been feeling unwell this week. First, conjunctivitis for me, yuck. Then colds all round, and of course that means a touch of asthma for Helen. Thank heavens tomorrow is the last day of the school/Playcentre term. Next week we'll be lazing around in our pyjamas all morning, going back to bed after breakfast if we want to. I give it 2 days before we're all driving each other mad.
While lounging around watching Monsters, Inc countless times with Helen as we worked our way through the tissue boxes, I managed to get a little crafting done! Some more kanzashi, and a crochet silk belt, which are up in my Etsy store now. I'm planning (OK, more like hoping) to get some more crafting done over the next couple of weeks, along with a heap of work for Playcentre before term starts again and AGM rolls around.