Thursday, September 14, 2006

TGI nearly F

What a week it's been. I'm exhausted. Nearly the end of term here for us all (1 week to go) and nerves are starting to fray. We need some mornings slobbing around in pj's until 11 o'clock or something.

Good news to share, though - some lovely mail has arrived this week, the girls have been so excited about the parcels with their names on them! I didn't manage to take photos before everything was opened up, but will see if I can get some of the tiny crafting in progress, this Sunday if all goes well.

In not so good news, I finally got my Teeny Tiny parcels away, albeit late, and without one of the items I'd planned to include since first my printer, and then my CD burner, refused to co-operate.

Tomorrow Ian and I are off to Wellington to pick up his photographs from Photospace as the exhibition closes tomorrow. He's looking at getting the works hung in the City Art Gallery here, Te Manawa, so we're keeping fingers crossed that all comes together soon. So, tomorrow night will be Helen's first sleep-over as we are leaving the girls with Ian's parents and having a grown-ups only night away. First time in over 6 years!

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