Friday, November 24, 2006

WIP Friday

Sorry about that rather whiney post the other day! Playcentre can be a bit all-consuming at times.

A while back I mentioned an idea I'd had of having a go at sashiko, using some motifs common in Pacific Island art. Last night I started the first of three 4"x4" pieces which I'll cover some little stretched canvases with. The fabric is some dark brown linen, stitched with cream wool thread. It's fun! But I'm having a little trouble getting the stitches to finish at just the right spot towards the centre, so there's a tidy little circular gap in the middle. The rain has started again today, so this could be the perfect project for the weekend.

I also want to come up with a couple of quick crafty gifts for two friends with little babies - a wee boy born *very* prematurely (6 weeks) and in NICU 2 weeks later, the other baby still an unknown quantity in every respect, due to be delivered exactly a week from today. Got any bright ideas? I'm thinking tiny embroidered t-shirts...


Hanna said...

nice colours and embrodery photo, makes me wanna embroder something too!

CBM said...

What about baby bibs for gifts. I made some recently using beautiful waffle weave fabric and a strip of childrens fabric. Very fresh. Maybe you could do an embroidered motive on a patch that could be stitched on the bib. Uh, hope that makes sense.

Thank you, your lovely flower and extra arrived today. So lovely.