Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Birthday craftiness

So, I'm a little late with this. The most recent things I've made were for Jen's 6th birthday, back on June 10th. Some of them were inspired by my new blog-reads:

allsorts neat little pinspinners. I printed them onto double-sided scrapbook paper (One Heart One Mind) to save me the trouble and expense of adhering 2 papers together. The girls loved them.

Tissue and crepe paper bunting

Flower balloons, from instructions on Martha Stewart's kids website

Edible dough cookies, recipe from my Southern Living cookbook.


*jenny said...

Oh your pinspinners are wonderful! I looked for cute double-sided scrapbooking paper but I didn't see any as fabulous as yours. Great job!

Etsy Sellers Who Blog said...

kudos to you for delving into other areas of craftiness. and welcome to the blog ring! :)