Thursday, June 22, 2006

Fun with Du-kit

Packed Jen off to school (30 minutes late) this morning after 4 days off sick, only to have Helen come down with an ear infection. So my busy morning in town turned into a trip to the Dr with Helen and some unexpected quiet time while she sleeps on the couch.

I bought some Pearl Du-kit polymer clay about a month ago to try photocopy transfers. Rather than crashing around in the kitchen dealing with the aftermath of last night's dinner, I decided to try the transfers. It's really fun! But with both my attempts I managed to rub bits of the toner away with the paper. More practice needed...

I'm thinking this will be a fun activity for our After School Arts programme. The children can draw some little pictures to transfer and bake, then maybe make badges or bag-tags with them. Cool!

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quenna said...

Welcome to the blog ring! The pinwheels came out great!