Thursday, October 19, 2006

Double petal flower pin

I love that pink and white fabric combination from yesterday's flower.
Today I decided to try something new. Bi-colour petals, using the same pink and white fabric.

It isn't too difficult to do.
Cut your fabric squares for the outside colour ever so slightly bigger than the inside squares.

Fold your first triangle using the outer fabric, and hold it down with the side of your hand (this is how I did it, anyway!)

Now fold your inner fabric into a triangle and lay it on top so it sits inside the outer one by about 2mm or so. Those inner petals will stand out highest, otherwise.

Then just carry on as normal. Lovely!


Allena said...

that is lovely! i saw your tutorial. when you string all the petals together what do you do next? or am i not clicking enough links? thanks!

Miriam said...

Hi, thanks for your comment :-)
Check here on Craftster for some more info of how I get the petals put together into flowers: