Sunday, October 01, 2006

I've been blogged!

My etsy store has been blogged on the Craft Revolution site! Cool!

Earlier in the week I was playing with the buttons with the girls - sorting and grouping, counting, talking about colours etc - they're very educational! I decided to look up buttony things on the web and found some gorgeous brooches made by Magpie. I couldn't resist making one of my own:

Last night I finished a scarf that I've been dreaming up in my head for about a year, since I saw this gorgeous Chan Luu one via the crochet discussion board on Craftster.

Now that I've figured out crocheting (is that a word?) the motifs together as one piece of work, rather than heaps of individual shapes stitched together later, I'm thinking of finding some finer wool and attempting something closer to the Chan Luu one. Maybe I can get it done in less than a year this time!


Bronwen said...

Oh I love thos button flowers may have to try them myself! Congratulations on being blogged

CBM said...

Yes, congratulations, also. You deserve it. Your work is so perfect and beautiful.

I hope to check in more often now that I've found you.

BTW, is the flower button glued? I have seen great button necklaces that seem to be wired..I am interested to learn more.

rooruu said...

Love the button brooch!