Sunday, October 29, 2006

Phew, what a week!

This has been a l-o-n-g week. Last weekend, my twin brother and I celebrated one of those big birthdays. You know, the one that starts with a 4, ends with a 0? Many many cocktails and much hilarity ensued. We stayed up much later than was wise, given my last 6 or so years of child-induced sleep deprivation. But it was so much fun.
Helen and I finally made it back to Playcentre on Wednesday, she's pretty much recovered from the chickenpox.
And then last night, my fantastic friends threw a surprise birthday party for me. It was a perfect evening, absolutely still, a starry sky, and we sat outside and enjoyed lots of lovely wine and talking and laughing. It was just wonderful. I am so, so lucky.

On the crafting front, after these two blogs mentioned my kanzashi tutorials I've put some more thought into it and come up with another video and photo set (Threading 1-9). There's also a few more tips on flower assembly over on Craftster.

There's also a how *not* to do it video, which was the first attempt, where things didn't look so good. YouTube clipped off the last 2 seconds, which was me saying "or not!" Har!

Nothing like doing something over (5 times) to get it just right, huh? :-)


CBM said...

Happy Birthday for last week. Sounds like you had fun.

Going to spend some time checking out your great info. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Oh, and in my head I've been thinking of other "I Spy" themes, so I'd love to see yours if you and your girls do it.

Silja said...

Thank you for showing and making tuts, have tried to make these now... They are not perfect at all, but thanks to you I get the point :)
Have a lovely week, and happy birthday.

myra said...

Happy belated birthday!! And thanks so much for the additional tutorials! I have definitely been threading them wrong.